Cherry Blossoms

April 5, 2005
Cherry Blossoms
Every year in from March through late May, the Sakura Zensen (Cherry Blossom Frontline) moves from Okinawa up towards Hokkaido. The line is hitting Tokyo right now, so for the next week or so, the city will be filled with happy people and drunk people gazing at the cherry blossoms. This is the time of the year in Tokyo when new college graduates head to their first job in the "real world," when high school kids are now college students and don't need to study as hard anymore. The cherry blossoms are backgrounds for many pictures of people moving on.

There is a national passion in Japan towards the cherry blossoms, as many things are compared to the ephemeral qualities of the blossoms. Things such as life, youth, happiness, and etc. These were snapped on my way to work this morning, there are many anchor points during a year where I feel the coming and going of another season. I wonder what I will be doing when the cherry blossoms bloom next.</div></div>

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