The walk to work

April 8, 2005
The walk to work

The walk to work feels different and the office definitely looks different framed like this.

The calender year starts on January 1st in Japan, but the work and school year starts on April 1st amid all the cherry blossoms. The first day of the new careers for all these young Japanese fittingly starts on Apri Fools. The new careers start with training regiments that could last up to a few months for some of the bigger companies. It also starts with everyone dressed exactly the same. All the new employees, new college students are wearing the same dark grey recruit suits. They also all wear these damn suits as college seniors during the recruiting season from May to September. These suits, not quite Men's Wearhouse, pretty Wal-Mart. I am simply amazed at the ability of these young students to show how special they are to potential employers while wrapping themselves up in the same cloth. I never got a chance to experience the process, but I do enjoy looking at it every year.

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