Are Bush Supporters Literally Insane?

May 11, 2005

As a means of providing some rationale for the apparent contradiction that as working class incomes have fallen (or their share of the nation's wealth has fallen), their support for the unabashedly pro-rich republican party has strenghtened, Timothy Noah offers this:

"The working class, or at least a large segment of same, suffers from a psychological disorder." That is, they are literally insane.

In this piece he tests the hypothesis, citing various studies with conclusions such as:

"Conservatives are also said to 'score lower on measures of extraversion' and 'general sensation seeking,' which I think is a polite way of saying that they don't get enough sex."

In the end, he decides they are not insane--and so there must be some other explanation for their self destructive behavior--becuase there is no evidence that "members of the working class demonstrate a greater tendency than people higher up the income scale to be more fearful, or more threatened, or more intolerant of ambiguity, or more irrationally fearful of death, or more inclined to pick fights with their parents, or more sex-deprived." Frankly, I'm not convinced.

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