11 year class reunion

July 23, 2005
11 year class reunion Originally uploaded by angrydicemoose.

Just got back from a biz trip to the Bay Area. The biz end of the trip was great, learned a lot of new stuff, met some amazing people and I am now real excited about the work that needs to be done. Though there is a lot of work to be done, shoveling through the mountain one teaspoon at a time should be a lot of fun. After the biz end of the trip was done, I headed up north to Seattle, the first time I've gone to the hometown in two years. It turned out to be a great trip, met five folks my high school class (which would be about a fifth of University Prep's class of '93). I stayed a night and then flew back down to San Francisco to meet up with my brother. It was kind of unfortunate as a good friend from college mailed me about an hour after my flight had left to tell me that she had just got back into town. Maybe next time. . .

Hopefully, I'll be going stateside on a trip again soon. . .with some
shoveling and less terrorism, it might just happen.

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