Evolution Vs. Religion

August 11, 2005

There's a pretty solid piece in Slate today about the divide between Darwinian evolution and creationism or any of its corollaries. Basically, it argues they are not compatable and we should stop pretending otherwise. All of this in light of Bush's recent idiocy about giving equal weight to intelligent design and Darwinian evolution in the schools.

The president seems to view the conflict between evolutionary theory and intelligent design as something like the debate over Social Security reform. But this is not a disagreement with two reasonable points of view, let alone two equally valid ones...If Bush had said schools should give equal time to the view that the Sun revolves around the Earth, or that smoking doesn't cause lung cancer, he'd have been laughed out of his office. The difference with evolution is that a large majority of Americans reject what scientists regard as equally well supported: that we're here because of random mutation and natural selection.

According to the piece, which sites a Gallup poll, 83% of Americans either believe God created man or "directed the process of evolution." Only 13% believe in the Darwinian evolution that is supported by objective research--that we evolved in what is essentially an unguided, random process. Only 13%! 13!!

I agree with the last paragraph--if the schools ammend their curriculum and start teaching this stuff (as Kansas is already doing), we will be creating a cadre of misinformed, delusional youth that will only result in the US falling farther behind in the biosciences (a sector that constitutes a large part of the US economy). I dont agree that Bush has "insulted our intelligence" with his inane remarks. The only "intelligence" he insults is his own.

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