Target in the New Yorker

August 18, 2005

On learning that Target has bought all the ad space in the August 22 issue of the New Yorker, I felt, well...a bit queasy. This unbelievably unlikely team of something I like quite a great deal and something I do not like whatsoever has thrown me and I don't even know what to say. Ok. I will say one thing: could they have chosen a worse demographic? And also, this kind of domination ploy mimics their retailing MO and is precisely why New Yorker readers will be turned off by this. Here's the analysis in Slate and the details (apparently this is costing them about $1 million) in the NYT. Here's the most telling bit from the Slate piece:

Like a lot of new-money arrivistes, Target can make grand gestures, but it gets the details wrong. If Tilly were to have searched the magazine rack of the Brooklyn store on Monday, he would have found People, Time, and New York magazine. And not a single copy of The New Yorker.

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