Angry Man

September 5, 2005
Angry Man Originally uploaded by angrydicemoose.

Went to vote at the ward office on Saturday, one week before the actual election, because I may have been going on a business trip (since cancelled). Outside the ward office were campaign posters for each of the candidates (in their properly assigned slots) and I ran into this gem for Matayoshi Jesus. With his statement of purpose.

Prime Minister Koizumi, then he lists the three people he is faced up against in the voting district from the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, the opposing Democratic Party and the tiny Communists) should all cut open their bellies (commit seppuku) and die. And only God Matayoshi Jesus is the only one that will throw them into the fires of Hell. Voters that support them should also cut open their bellies and die, and again only God Matayoshi Jesus is the only one that will throw them into the fires of Hell. The reason is because these people are murders that are killing tens of thousands a day in Japan and around the workd with the wars, fights, terrorism, murders, suicides, industrial accidents, public sickness, famine and etc, caused by the profit first based economy of "Money is Number 1, Money is everything" that is the "origin and cause of crime and sins" and it is common sense that if they kill others they should die themselves. You must go to my election information or homepage and learn more.

This kind of stuff actually gets me a bit angry, some people will actually waste votes on this guy, when we are in the midst of a critical election that will really show if Japan has the backbone to go through much needed structural reforms.

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