Yahoo! JAPAN Developer Network

December 2, 2005

The last few months just flew by like there were nothing, as I spent most of the time focusing on getting this launched. Yeah, it is all in Japanese, but Yahoo! JAPAN launched the Yahoo! JAPAN Developer Network on December 1st.

Been working on this since August, initially we were a two man team, but things really picked up in October when two others joined the team and then we went full gear into launching the Network. With less than one month of hard, focused development, another month of QA and a lot of evangelizing in house in order to get folks to understand what we were trying to do, we launched Yahoo! JAPAN's first service directly targeting independent developers.

Yahoo! JAPAN Developer Network

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So, what is the Yahoo! JAPAN Developer Network(YJDN)?

YJDN introduces Web Services to access the APIs of the core features and technology behind the various services that Yahoo! JAPAN offers to their customers. By using the Web Services, developers can develop their own applications or services that incorporate Yahoo! JAPAN features and technologies. For instance Hatena Search, which merges Yahoo! JAPAN's search service with their social bookmarking service.

The initial Web Services being launched are Search related (I work in Y!J Search), Web Search, Image Search and Video Search. But, the plan is to aggressively push out the APIs for various services onto YJDN so that our dialogue with the developer community can be a continuous one.

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