Moving On

January 31, 2006

Moving On

Presents from colleagues: a smoker, darts game, bowling pin garbage can, hool a hoop, magic tricks, and cartons of soy bean juice

Monday started slowly, I went to the dentist to get plaque scraped, carved, chipped off of my teeth. . .took a nap and then headed off to the office for my going away party.

About 40 folks showed up, for the going away party of someone that was only "there" for ten months. In fact it only seems like the other day when I had a welcoming party. What I'm going to do next has yet to be decided, I hope to have everything sorted out in the next couple of weeks. . .so, please don't ask me about where I'm going as I'm not sure yet.

There may seem to be some gap in the logic here (from the previous paragraph), but I am pretty excited about the opportunities that lay ahead, the main reason behind my resignation from Yahoo! JAPAN. Though my time at Yahoo! JAPAN was relatively short, I feel blessed that I was able to work on products with likeminded people and perhaps contribute a little to the continuing development of the Internet in Japan. I can say I learned a lot during the past ten months and that on the whole I had an extremely positive experience.

Not sure I can top myself in being vague here, but sloppiness counts when blogging. For now, Tuesday is here and I gotta go to work and get kicked out of the company. When the weekend comes, I'll be up in Hokkaido skiing.

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