Back in Tokyo

February 22, 2006
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Back in Tokyo after spending the last six days in Shanghai and Hong Kong. Got to meet really great people both friends and people that I might be working with.

The food was great the whole time and I just feel blessed to know so many great people in different places. Take this picture, Simon on the left was some one I met playing basketball in Shanghai. We must have met each other on the court at least a few times a week for the year and a half I was in Shanghai. He's back in Hong Kong one of the several places he grew up in and is aiming to become a lawyer. Ran into him by coincidence the last time I was in Hong Kong.

Akimitsu on the right is an ex-colleague from Amazon. He moved to Hong Kong two years ago, to chase his dreams and Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee isn't there anymore, but he still is.

Simon and Akimitsu were colleagues until two weeks ago, they both had ended up working for the same company in Hong Kong. . .the world sure can be small isn't it?

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