Phones, phones phone

July 11, 2006

I've been neglecting lately. . .gotta POST.  Especially since I've updated to Movable Type 3.3
which just extends the amazing ability of the kick ass Movable Type to the next level of kick ass (whoop ass).

So phones, I was going to purchase a cordless the other day for my house, but Tedkan convinced me that I was just wasting money.  So now I feel like wasting money on getting a new cellphone.  For my new phone I'm eyeing one that I can use on my infrequent biz trips to the US and whenever I take a jaunt around Asia.  I have a prepaid phone in the US, but I want to share phones with my @ JP time.  So I'm looking, staring at the Vodafone (soon to be Softbank) mobile GSM/WCDMA phones.  All the phones sold in Japan by carriers are sim-locked, so I shouldn't be able to use the US sim card with the phones. . .so I went around looking for sim-free phones I could use in Japan.  But, those didn't allow usage of carrier-mail, which is a BIG no-no for me.  The carrier mail has a set rate plan, and I want to email pictures and movies until someone bleeds from their nostrils.  Some of the Vodafone phones can be Sim-Unlocked, so I'm trying to decide between the 904T which can be unlocked but doesn't have what the 904SH (which can not be unlocked. .. yet), has which is two times optical zoom, autofocus and image stabilization.  The former evangelist is telling me that I already have a digital camera.  I'm gonna ignore him.

最近angrymoose.orgを無視してしまっている、世界最高最強のブログソフトのMovable Typeのバージョンを最新版の3.3までアップデートしたのに。。。ネタを作ろう。


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