May 20, 2007

I find it disturbing that lately I find myself checking up on CNN.com just to see if Alberto Gonzalez has resigned or been kicked out.  It's not because I want to see him go (though I'd like to say I don't lean either way, but I've been  comfortable growing up in the Pacific Northwest, going to a liberal liberal-arts college and working at these hippie Internet companies) since I try to at least give an aura of neutrality about the politics of a country that I don't reside in, however after the developments over the past week or so.  Sure, he's done some exciting stuff since GWB became the POTUS, but this just. . .well, let's just say that even I feel like he's gotta go.  Not in a personal political sense, but as in it has gotta be pretty hard for the POTUS to stay in AG's corner.

Anyway, the whole badgering John Ashcroft when JA was in the hospital part has finally got me hooked.  This has gotta be the best story from the US in a while, especially with 24 being too bizarre even for 24, Prison Break losing itself and Lost. . .actually Lost is starting to come back, don't you think?

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