Nagoya Dome

September 10, 2007

The Fans
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Went to Nagoya to check out the Nagoya Dome and see the Dragons take on the Swallows (full set here). I'm not a big fan of domed stadiums for baseball games and the Nagoya Dome did not disappoint in that regard. For the money that was spent on this dome, I'm sure the fans in Nagoya could have gotten a state of the art open air stadium where baseball can really be enjoyed.

There was one problem with the plan to go see the game in Nagoya though. I had completely underestimated the amount of love that the people in Nagoya have towards the Dragons. That is to say, the game was sold out and my friend and I could not get into the game. We tried everything including pleading and begging, but to no avail. We then spotted a couple of folks leaving the game with tickets sticking out of their shirt pocket. After stalking the man for a few minutes I went up and asked if he had tickets for the game today. The guy was kind enough to give us his tickets and we were able to gain re-entry into the park. The stadium has great view from all seats, we were up in the nosebleed section on the third base line, but the game still seemed close. And the dome was just hopping inside with the Dragon and Swallows fans just screaming their lungs out. The Swallows lost, but good fun was had.

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