Pour Cafe

November 26, 2007

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Went to Pour Cafe in Ginza for lunch oday. I really wanted to pick up a new keyboard and an AirMac (AirPort outside of Japan) Express, so I swung by the Apple Store and went to the cafe for lunch. Being a cafe the place serves cafe-like food and drinks and looks like a cafe. But, they also serve ramen.

Their specialty bowl is the 山形みずラーメン or Yamagata Water Ramen. A chilled bowl of noodles (with a frozen block of soup floating in the bowl no less) with tasty pork, boiled eggs, bamboo shoots, green onions on top. They have thick, flat noodles with plenty of texture to them. Good, good stuff.

Originally uploaded by angrydicemoose

Never had a bowl of noodles chilled to the max like this, but I'd definitely go back again.  Probably in the evening when they also have soy milk ramen.

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