Patty Melt at Last!!!

January 27, 2009

Patty Melt at Burger Mania
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I've been jonesing for a good and real Patty Melt for a LONG time now. I've ordered them at various establishments around Tokyo, but this being Japan, the Patty Melts that I've been getting have been a bit too "classy." I don't need lettuce or tomatoes in my Patty Melts. . .and they can be a bit messy. A classic Patty Melt is what is wanted

もうどれくらいだろう、Patty Melt食べたくて食べたくて、禁断症状もでている。東京でオーダーしても出てくるのは創作系のPatty Meltで僕が欲しいものとは違うのが出る、レタスとトマトはいらないただ、パン、バター、タマネギ、チーズと肉と会話がしたい。

I was at Burgermania last evening and explained the Patty Melt I wanted to the owner. Less than ten minutes later, it happened, the best Patty Melt I've had in ages. The bread was grilled perfectly, with just the right amount of butter, the cheese was melted to perfection and the onions were sauted just right.

昨晩Burgermaniaのオーナーに自分が求めているPatty Meltを説明した10分後に現れたのは。。。完璧。これがPatty Meltなんだよ。皆様、是非Burgermaniaで試してください、これがPatty Melt何だよ。

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