Keep on Rocking in Daikanyama

January 28, 2009

Rock Band @ Yoox
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A group of Yooxsters, current and ex Amazonians, and Six Aparters got together to jam. Mediocre pizza was mixed with great company and some serious Rock Band jamming as a pseudo office warming for the Yoox JAPAN office. Good times, good music and again great company.

ユークスター、アマゾニアン、そしてシックスアパーターが集まり、ロックする事に。出前のピザはまーまーの評価だったけど、 弊社オフィスの最高なオープニングライブになったかと。

PS. This was all possible thanks to Chieming who received the Amazon delivery for the absurdly big Rock Band set AND immediately shipped it via USPS to Japan.  Thanks Chie, and lots of love.


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