September 12, 2009

Safeco Field and Qwest Field
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I’ve finally (for myself) took some time off at work to take a trip to the west coast to go to Safeco and AT+T and to of course visit friends and family. Seattle is beautiful as usual, but I really was not looking forward to the flight over.

The aisle seat was close to the back of the plane, which mean the bathroom was close so standing up to get some walking and stretching in would not be a problem. Seated at the back right of the plane was a young Japanese girl and an elder American guy. They were having a conversation in English and because they were seated pretty close I heard about half the conversation. It seemed the guy was kinda of weird and overly friendly, but I didn’t think much of it. Especially since she was drinking the drinks he was giving her (in hindsight I realize she was worried about being impolite and didn’t know how to say no).

That is until, I saw that the girl was trying to get him off of her and he was trying to smooch her. She got out of the seat somehow and I told the FA that there was something weird going on in that seat. The FA had already noticed and had already prepared for the girl (who I later found out was under age) to move up to the front of the plane without returning to her seat. They asked for my personal info for their report. How swiftly they moved on this after they saw something happening (and without causing a fuss) and the thank you speech I got from them makes me wonder what kind of incidents they see on the plane.



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