It's too bad it has to come to this

November 3, 2009

Magic Johnson says he and Isiah Thomas,"haven't talked. If that day comes, then we'll sit down and talk. But if that day doesn't come, then it doesn't come. We've both got a lot to do. I got a lot to do with my business and he has a lot to do to get his college coaching career off the ground. I wish him well. It's too bad that it has to come to this, but sometimes that's what happens in life."

I suppose it happens sometimes, but then again he did write a book which supposedly has plenty of stories about Isiah being a dick and even if it's true that still might have pissed off Isiah a bit.

Here's hoping I still know and accept the consequences of when I kick someone where it hurts (which I have done. . .figuratively speaking).

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