Week 4 with the brace

May 31, 2012

The brace has been on for three weeks now and it’ll be on for a few more weeks. I now know that this type of brace is either called a CAM walker/boot/brace.

The first two weeks with the brace was with my toes pointing down at a 20 degree angle to the floor, there was also a heel lift to keep my heel off the floor. I still needed the crutches for the first three-four days or so as I walked but I was able to put more and more weight onto the foot. It was like walking with one foot in high heels and the other without so walking was slow and it helped to stick my bad foot out to the side. Even though I could walk without the crutches, it was faster getting around using them, so I ended up using them when walking with others. The bad ankle also swelled up considerably, but that went down during week 2.

At week 3 the angle of the brace was adjusted to 10 degrees. The heel stayed on so the difference made walking awkward still, but it was easier to walk straight. I handed in the crutches as I was using them as…crutches and that meant not working out my achilles as much. The same pattern as before, my ankle and foot were sore each day for the first day but after that it wasn’t so bad.

Week 4 started with another visit to the hospital and the angle of the brace was adjusted to 0 degrees and the heel came off. Walking is still slow, but considerably easier now that both feet are at the same height. There’s a lot of tension on the angle when I walk, but hopefully by next week the ankle will be stretched out again. At Week 5 the brace will be adjusted again, this time to allow my knee to flex forward of my heel.

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