Short summary of the past six months

April 22, 2013

Immediately after Takashi, my co-founder at FullCourt passed in November of 2012, I received a lot of help from friends to ensure that there was almost no effect on FullCourt customers. These kind friends helped out on evenings and weekends to help decipher the API end of the service (it was a black box to me at the time) and also to assist when there were any problems with the service that came up. Thanks go out to Miles Woodroffe, Umihiko Saiki, and their families for helping out during those days.


Since then FullCourt has mostly been in maintenance mode, despite almost no marketing effort the number of FullCourt customers has more than doubled in the last six month. During this time a host of others were there with guidance, an ear (of course these being my friends none of these ears were nonjudgmental) and other kinds of support. There are so many folks that were there that I’m sure to forget some if I even attempt to name them all, but I’d like to thank Jay Winder and Paul Oswald at MakeLeaps (awesome billing service), my good friends Taku Harada and Naofumi Iwai at PeaTiX (the best event management service on the planet, bar none), Yushi Katayama at Hatch (co-working space in the heart of Tokyo, where I went to work on FullCourt), and of course our investors 500 Startups. I never doubted it but 500 Startups showed that it’s not just one of the most impressive groups of founders, mentors and partners (the collective knowledge, experience and network that can be tapped there is incredible), but that the 500 family is for real. Thank you to George Kellerman, Dave McClure and everyone at 500 Startups; FullCourt and the 500 family in Japan will show the world that Japan’s still happening. #500strong

11月以降FullCourtは基本的にメンテナンスモードで進めていてマーケティング等はほとんど行なっていなかったが、FullCourtのお客様の数は倍以上になった。この期間も多数の方々から助言を頂き、相談など色々なサポートを受けた。あまりにも多かったため、全員の名前をここで言おうとしても誰か絶対忘れるが、先にMakeLeaps(クラウドの請求書サービス)のジェイ・ウィンダーとポール・オズワルド、PeaTiX(地球上最高のイベント管理サービス)の原田卓と岩井直文、Hatch(東京の赤坂見附にあるコワーキング・スペース)の片山勇志に感謝を申し上げます。そうして、FullCourtの投資家の500 Startups。500 Startupsは創業者、メンターとパートナーの最高の集まりであるが(このグループが持っている知識、経験とネットワークは素晴らしいリソースである)、それ以上に500は本当にファミリーである事。ジョージ・ケラーマンとデーブ・マクルアーを始め500 Startupsの皆様には非常に感謝している。#500strong

This month, Charles Abbott joined FullCourt as a partner</a>. I met Charles when we both worked at COOKPAD. Charles not only shared a love of basketball with Takashi and I but he also had an interest and experience in being an internet entrepreneur. We had approached Charles before about him joining FullCourt but, the timing was not right. Now Charles is a partner and his experience and thoughts as an entrepreneur have been a great asset along as his skills as a developer. When we heard that Twilio was ready to set up shop in Japan, his first reaction was,”That’s a great opportunity for FullCourt.” Almost exactly the same words that Takashi had said (with a difference in language).


FullCourt is currently working to build a new product based on feedback that we’ve gotten from our customers. This new product is being built on the FullCourt API platform and the experiences that we’ve had working with our API has and will be invaluable in improving the platform. We look forward to sharing this product with you soon.


This is true of all entrepreneurs, we’re only able to work on FullCourt because of the love and support of our families. I’m always thankful for that and it’s something that I’ll never take for granted.


Thank you to all of our customers and supporters for their continuing support of FullCourt, fun and great times are ahead.


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