Back to the basics

June 11, 2013

Events over the recent months have reconfirmed something that I knew about myself, that one of my strengths is also a weakness.


Over the years, I’ve found ways to get things done out of whatever resources I have at hand and by adapting to the situation as well. Recently, though my direction has been swaying in all sorts of directions as things change daily and I hear one bit of information and another. It’s definitely not being “stubborn on vision flexible on details.”

今までは状況に合わせて、与えられたリソースを活用してどうにか結果を出してきたと思っていたが、今は違う。何かが起きる度にやっていること、やろうとしていることが変わっている。Jeff Bezosの「stubborn on vision flexible on details」になっていない。

So now what? I need to strip away all the other stuff that I think I need to worry about and focus on getting things done again.


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