Joining Peatix

August 8, 2017

TLDR; After three and a half incredible years at GitHub I’m joining Peatix as their VP of Product Engineering. We’re hiring (Ruby/iOS developers)! 3年半GitHubでお世話になりましたが、この度VP of Product EngineeringとしてPeatixに就職しました。バックエンド/モバイル開発者募集中です!

6年前Peatixのローンチの直前までProduct Managerとして企画を関わっていました。自分のスキルアップもしたくてその後Cookpad、起業そして直近はGitHubに3年半いました。アメリカではスタートアップの8割は18ヶ月以内に無くなる(実際は5割ぐらいらしいが)と言われている中でPeatixは存続し続けただけではなくサービスとしても会社としても成長し続けて来ました。テクノロジーのイベントでの利用はまだ低いですが、文化系のイベントなどでは利用が多く、最近ではオリエンタルラジオが利用したりRizing Sun Rock Festival が一部チケットの販売に使ったり、シンガポールではPeatixを利用しているイベントが多くスティッカーを貼っていると声をかけられるらしいです。Peatixの強みはLongtailであり各地のイベントに利用されています。またシンガポールチームはマレーシアと香港にPeatixをオープンしていて今後もアジア展開は進めていく。成長してきたって事は当然課題も増えているということでした。ここで一気に高速にギアチェンジしたいこともあり、開発チームとプロセスにテコ入れしたいという事で今回話しが来ました。


I was actually the initial Product Manage for Peatix right up to it’s launch six years ago. After Peatix launched, it’s grown steadily with new users everyday, a growing team and growing challenges. During that time, I spent time at Cookpad, I started my own company (and sold it) and was at GitHub for 3 and a half amazing years. 80% of startups in the US supposedly fail within the first 18 months, but Peatix has beaten the odds and they are still around, and relevant. They aren’t that well known with technology events, but cultural events are using Peatix. Rizing Sun Rock Festival is using Peatix for some of their tickets (, but Peatix is actually really strong in the long tail. There’s a team in Singapore as well and I’ve been told that the Peatix logo if often recognized in Singapore. The team in Singapore has driven growth into Malyaisa and Hong Kong as well and other markets are planned as well. Peatix is growing and as I mentioned above that means a growing number of challenges, and the team defined the product and engineering team as an area that Peatix wanted to invest in to support the continued and future growth of Peatix aroudn the world.

Peatix is a growing service, with a fun loving team, Event management is an area with a large need for innovation. The team is currently in three countries, but it will grow to more countries. I’ve known the founders for over 10 years now and we’ve worked at various companies together. There aren’t many startups out there with a great team like this and that really drove my decision to leave the super comfortable and incredible place that GitHub was to join Peatix. We’re also looking for more people to join us in solving the problems of event attendees and organizers and to make Peatix the best and top event management service in the world. It’s a great workplace with great colleagues, please let me know if you would like to know more about Peatix.

GitHubでの3年半は大変勉強になりました、Customer Centricについても色々経験出来たこともあり、分散されたチームとのコミュニケーションなど、とにかく素晴らしい3年半で感謝の気持ちがいっぱいあります。その気持を返す方法がPeatixを伸ばす事だと思っています。GitHubの皆様、GitHub在籍中にサポートをしてくださった皆様ありがとうございました。これからもどうぞよろしくお願いします。

The 3 and half years I spent at GitHub was an incredible learning experience. I experience a lot about what customer centric actually means, I experienced what communicating with a distibuted team is and why it’s important. They were 3 and a half wonderful years and I am overflowing with feelings of gratitude. Thank you to all my former colleague at GitHub and all the people that supported GitHub during those years. I hope to stay connected with everyone.

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