emobile Sales Pitch

February 5, 2009

Actual phone call with emobile today. . .
At the office working on some stuff, when my cellphone rings.  A person identifying herself as being from emobile is calling and asks me if I have some time to spare.  I reply that I have time to spare but only if she isn't going to try to sell me something (ie. my payments are late for the service, my credit card is bad). Ok.
She replies that this isn't a sales call.  "Shoot."
"We sent you a direct marketing post card last month about emobile's ADSL service and I'd like to see if you're interested in signing up."
"How is this not a sales pitch?"
"Well, it's a special offer for emobile users, so it isn't a sales call."
"You honestly don't think you're trying to sell me something?"
"Damn Skippy."


I do love my emobile data card though. emobileすきだけどね。

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