Plan B for NPB

January 15, 2009

baseballNow that Tazawa has gone directly from the MLB (Major League Baseball) directly despite threats from the NPB (Japan Professional Baseball) it seems that NPB has realized their own stupidity sweat02.  When Tazawa announced that he wanted to sign directly with a team from the MLB, the NPB passed rules prohibiting players from joining the NPB if they play professionally overseas without getting their feet wet first in the NPBdownwardright.


Now, there are concerns that Yuki Saito who is currently a second year pitcher for Waseda University might go to the MLB after graduating from college.  Instead of threats it seems the NPB wants to hold seminars for amateur baseball players to explain the pros of playing in the NPB.  Forward thinking at last?  At least they've realized that there are no laws that make it mandatory for Japanese to play baseball in Japan, and that there never will be.


Personally, I'd like to see NPB try to compete directly with the MLB.  I'm talking about getting rid of the limit on foreign players, limiting the size of rosters and really working to field the best team that money and good scouting will buy.  There are enough independent leagues and other Asian pro leagues to take the overflow of Japanese players.


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