Movable Type Open Source is out!!!

December 13, 2007

Movable Type Open Source has been released!!!

<p></p><blockquote>As of today, and forever forward, Movable Type is open source. This means you can freely modify, redistribute, and use Movable Type for any purpose you choose.

</b><p>Just want the details and downloads? Skip to the bottom. But you might like the story of how we got here.</p><p>Like many of us on the team, some of you have been waiting for this moment for years. For a business, an open source license affects boring things like how a product is created, updated, and distributed. But the open source movement has always been about something more important: Freedom. With a name like "Movable Type", we've always been keenly aware of the importance of freedom, as that name echoes both the birth of the printing press and the creation of independent media that an individual can control.

I wish I could write like Anil. . .

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