Tilt sensitive Powerbooks

March 28, 2005

The Powerbook that I just got is tilt sensitive, the head of the HDD lifts away from the disks in order to protect the HDD in case of a drop or something. I found it kinda cool when I first read about it, then I found it a wee annoying when I was watching some episodes of 24 on the flight to Shanghai (though the sudden stops in the action was probably prolonging the life of my HDD. . .so I am in the wrong there).

But, some Mac lovers have found a way to use the sensor for other things.

Enterprising hackers have discovered that because the new motion sensor returns reasonably accurate measurements to Mac OS X, it can be used to do some cool tricks, from realigning an image in a window so it always points up, no matter what angle you hold the laptop at, to controlling what's playing in iTunes -- rock the machine backward to go to the next track, forward to play the previous one.

Games taking advantage of the sensor, apps to empty the trash by shaking your computer. . .fun for everyone.

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