Macs on Intel chips part. . .

May 24, 2005

Now, the Wall Street Journal is reporting about rumors of Macs running on Intel chips.

The article goes on to list the benefits of switching to Intel CPUs: better laptop chips, a dual-core CPU solution, better pricing--which could then be passed on to consumers--and even running Windows natively on Macintosh hardware. (I can't say I think the last item is much of a benefit.)

I kinda liked this bit here.

There's a much simpler explanation available. The Apple-Intel conversations that the WSJ is reporting likely have to do with Intel's Xscale CPU, a cool little chip that is fantastic for things like appliances and portable devices. Think gadgets and set-top boxes. If Apple is looking at branching out into other consumer electronics hardware, the Xscale would be a logical choice.

I do not need a new PB, or iBook. . .I am gonna stick to my 15 inch PB for now and for the forseeable future (which is never that far for me), though I could use a desktop and a Mac PDA.

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