Intel Mac leaks over the Internet

June 13, 2005

Ran into this which linked to this as I struggled to fall to sleep early on a Monday morning in June. Read through the second link carefully, because if Apple indeed think this through the way that this guy did, well it sure is interesting. Yup, copies of the OSX build for Intel CPU computers are leaking over the 'net and it might have been a deliberate move by Apple.

Think about it. Apple releases a developers-only preview release of Mac OS X for Intel. It’s a fully functional release of the operating system, not a beta or prerelease copy. It will work reliably, and it will run the vast majority of existing Mac applications unmodified via the Rosetta translation technology. But because this is a one-off developer release, it’s of very little value to computer owners. Future software updates, like the soon-to-be-released 10.4.2 update, won’t install. Existing Mac software will run, but it will run in translation, which means it will be frustratingly slow. But according to reports, Apple’s bundled iLife applications, major selling points for the Mac operating system, are already Intel-native and run at full speed.</p>

Given Apple’s experiences with software piracy, particularly the rampant software piracy that spread developer builds of Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger all over the Internet this past spring, Apple’s management from the top down knows full well that this developer preview will be in the hands of every kid with a cable modem within days of its release. Most of them will be able to install it on their own computers and run it and the full suite of iLife ’05 applications at full speed, and run most existing Mac software in translation.

As a result, Apple will give thousands, possibly millions, of people a taste of Mac OS X running full speed on their own PCs.

Apple’s giving their potential future customers a free taste, that’s what they’re doing. It’s a try-before-you-buy deal.</strong>

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