Yahoo! acquires Konfabulator

July 27, 2005

Yahoo! has acquired Konfabulator and opened this new page . Konfabulator gave Mac OSX functionality that was very similar to what Dashboard gives to Mac OSX Tiger. After Apple announced Tiger, Konfabulator cried foul (Dashboard is REAL similar to Konfabulator, though Konfabulator is kinda like the Desktop Accessories on the old Macs), and then released a Windows version of their program. Now that Yahoo! has acquired Konfabulator, the application has been made free (with cash back to recent purchases).

I had actually never tried Konfabulator before, but now I have tried it. . .well Dashboard is real similar to Konfabulator, so there is no need to use it on the PB. But, I have it on my work computer. . .hopefully I can make some Konfabulator widgets in my "spare" time. Ugliness counts.

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