Let me GO!!!

August 11, 2005

I was feeling used and betrayed by the whole postal struggle (the bill failed, and elections are now coming up. . .more on that when I get energy), but this story had me feeling happy.
Japanese musicians under contract with Sony and other labels that haven't joined Apple's iTunes Music Store are starting to defy their recording companies and trying to get their music on the popular download service launched last week in Japan.</p>

At least one artist has already gone against his label to offer his songs on iTunes. And a major agency that manages Japanese musicians said Wednesday it was interested in a possible deal with Apple Computer Inc., regardless of the recording companies' positions.</strong>

Really, more power to the musicians for trying to make their music available. Old style businesses are being forced to rethink who owns what and the merits of trying to control everything, more than that, I will be able to get even more great music through the iTunes Music Store.

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