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October 24, 2005

Since half of the people that I actually know regularly bother to look at this site are macaholics, the readership might be wondering why I didn't cover the announced bump to Power Macs and Powerbooks. I could say that I was kinda busy over the past few days, but really blogging isn't that time consuming. The real reason is. . .I was kinda busy checking the order status of my Apple Store order and the guilt of buying a new PB 15 inch so soon after my last one (seven months and counting) had me avoiding posting the news.

Yes, Apple rang that bell again and I started drooling. . .I was about to go the route of buying an extra battery and a HDD the day before Apple announced the Powerbooks. . .but with the announcement. . .all of my plans had gone astray and I had ordered the new PB. The bigger screen, the extra hour (translated: ten minutes) of battery life, the bigger HDD? Not sure why I clicked, but I did, and now my old PB is on the market looking for a new owner. 200k JPY, anyone intersted?

BTW, the order status is at: Preparing for Shipping. Wonder how I'm gonnna explain this one to the folks when the package arrives at their house.

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