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November 6, 2005

Not sure if the word "definitely" makes for a binding promise, but here's some of the latest speculation on the Intel Powerbooks and iBooks.

Apple currently offers iBooks with either a standard 12- or 14-inch screen, but looks poised to introduce a completely new model built around (what appears to be) a 13-inch widescreen. Whether the company will offer other iBook models or standardize around the new widescreen model remains unknown.</p>

Expected to make its debut even earlier than the new iBooks will be Apple's first Intel-based PowerBook, sources added. The new 15-inch PowerBook will carry over many of the design elements and styles that have made its aluminum PowerBooks so successful, but will be about 20- to 25-percent thinner than today's model.

The 12-inch PowerBook is no longer on Apple's roadmap -- as reported in August -- and the new Intel-based 17-inch model is slated for release several months later.

Following a trend that began with Apple's new iMac desktops last month (and first predicted in this AppleInsider report), both the new 15- and 17-inch are scheduled to include a built-in iSight video camera. As is the case with the iMac, the cams will be centered in the PowerBook's upper display bezel. The latest version of Apple's Photo Booth application will also be included with the new PowerBooks.</strong>

13inch widescreen iBooks. . .mmmm tasty.

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