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November 18, 2005

POTUS GWB was in Japan which wasn't to exciting, the only protests I saw were a smattering of ineffective Japanese and some white people chanting for GWB to go home and then demanding that he be brought out to speak to the masses. . .as if. But, now ThinkSecret is stating that Intel iBooks are going to come out in January. Not only will they be Intels, the prices on them might be lower and an additinonal model may be introduced. . .bye bye 12 inch Powerbook?

Apple is planning to release its first entry-level iBook laptops with Intel processors next January at Macworld Expo in San Francisco, highly reliable sources have confirmed to Think Secret.
It is not known exactly what processors or price points the new models will debut at, but it is thought Apple will expand the iBook line with one additional model and will lower prices—in some cases possibly $200 or more—to entice current Windows users and prove to the market it will be more competitive with the likes of Dell, Gateway, HP and Sony.

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