New MacBook

May 16, 2006

So, Apple announced their new MacBook, the Intel Core Duo version of the iBook.  And what did I do? I bought one. . .hmmm. . .am I a sucker or a supersucker?  And I'm not even sure if I'm down with the integrated graphics. . .I need some sleep. Allow me a moment to defend my actions, or do I need to? Allow me a day or two to catch my breath.

アップルがMacBookを発表、iBookのIntel Core Duo版。で、買っちゃった、やばい。しかも、グラフィックカードが一体型なのが不安(別に必要ないのに)、しかも重い。寝ないと. . .
PS. I cancelled the order. . .to give it more thought.


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