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May 23, 2006

The Mac Book that I ordered from the Apple Store was supposed to arrive on Friday June 2nd. I had it planned so that it would arrive at the office, but seeing that if there were any delays it would arrive on a weekend and no one would be at the office to greet the book. I tried the website to see if I could change the shipping address to my folks' house, but the website stated that address changes for products that have been ordered can only done via telephone.

先週アップルストアでオーダーしたMacBook、6月2日の金曜日に到着予定。遅れたら週末で会社に誰もいないと思ってアップルストアで配送先の変更を試みるが、電話でしか出来ないとウェブサイトに表示されている。 Fair enough, I called up the Online Apple Store and got the shipping address changed. After I got that handled the rep informed me that there was a problem with my order, something about my credit card. I really didn’t understand what the rep was trying to say, but I was told to wait for them to call me back. I hung the phone up and checked my credit card info online and was able to confirm that my Apple Store shipment had gone through.

The Apple Store did call me back and I was told that everything was ok, not that I really understood what was wrong in the first place, but seeing that they never mailed me about this, I don’t know how I was supposed to figure out what was wrong if I didn’t call them. Either way, I was told that this wouldn’t have any effect on the shipment of the Mac Book, fair enough. . .

When I got home, I had an email waiting for me from the Apple Store with the subject line:

Shipment notification for order #

Now the Mac Book is supposed to arrive on May 26th, this Friday. Somewhere inside of me is a fear of the Mac Book getting shipped elsewhere.




本日、下記商品を出荷いたしました。この度はApple Storeをご利用いただき、 ありがとうございました。またのご利用をお待ちしております。

良いのこれで?一応、5月26日の金曜日に到着予定。違う場所に行きそう. . .

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