Sakura again

April 7, 2005

Some more information on the national passion that the Japanese have for cherry blossoms along with a shameless plug for my current employer. During this season, all the major websites have some kind of feature about cherry blossoms, like this beautiful page provided by Yahoo! Japan with information about famous sites around Japan to view the cherry blosssoms. I'm thinking about going to the Imperial Palace this weekend to take it all in.

[img_assist|fid=21|thumb=1|alt=Sakura again|caption=Sakura at the Imperial Palace]

This time of the year, a multitude of artists release music with some kind of theme related to cherry blossoms. A good number of the songs have to do with the passing of an age and are either downright depressing or bitter sweet.

Anyway, I'll be taking in some spots this weekend, so I hope to have some picts for you all.

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