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April 13, 2005

The number of police around the Chinese Embassy yesterday and today has been around triple of what i usually see on my morning commute. The number of police stationed around the outer perimeters of the embassy, such as at the end of the streets that lead to the embassy saw a significant increase. I'm assuming that they would do better than the "security" that was in Beijing and Guandong. The security that looked like they were tour guides or new performers from Disney Hong Kong practicing with the crowd by showing them the way to Japanese properties.

That said I can't blame the Chinese government for the way they handled this, they made sure that the crowds did not get into the embassy, and as I have commented before, better the Japanese embassy than a repeat of Tiananmen.

Meanwhile the Chiense has blamed the riots/demonstrations and the Japanese have called the Chinese scary, more here
NEW DELHI, India -- China's premier has told Japan to "face up to history," while a top Japanese official has called China "scary" as a war of words simmers following massive protests in the weekend.</p>

The missives on Tuesday came after tens of thousands of Chinese took to the streets on Saturday and Sunday, angry at a new Japanese history book they say fails to admit the extent of Japan's World War II atrocities.</strong>

Personally I believe that it hurts the Chinese that much more that most Japanese couldn't care less about what is developing, though I also believe that it hurts the Japanese that most of the Japanese are taught not to worry about their neighbors and what has happened in the past. Hopefully, we are looking at progress and we are moving towards some kind of real friendsship (with occasional quarrels) between all countries in East Asia.

I live in Japan and I've seen South Korea and China, we just have so much more to lose now than ever before if we can not continue to talk in one way or another, for that the responsiblity is on all sides, the governments and the people. For the first time in a long time, there are three strong, vibrant countries that can talk to each other eye to eye, and I'd like to believe that moments like these are leading to a time when there is no more apologizing and looking back at the past (hopefully by accepting and understanding what has happened), but a real commitment to the future.

Sound to wishy washy? Don't blame me, I'm a Fighting (Hustling) Quaker.

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