Just another day. . .

May 2, 2005

Just another day, I headed off to lunch with a colleague to go find the new Doughnut Plant store opening close to the office, turns out the opening has been delayed until June 2nd, but we didn't know any better as we headed off.

On the way, three first graders who had just gotten out of school were walking ahead of us and the colleague was pointing out to me why he knew they were first graders (they had yellow sheets on their backpacks so that cars would not run them over). The girl that was walking in the back looked behind her and saw us, well me. She gave a look of complete and absolute fear and ran up to be with the boy in front of her and firmly grasped his hand for protection. And to think that I had once thought that I would never allow a woman hurt me that bad again.

Lunch was good, I got some raw beef on rice.

[img_assist|fid=50|thumb=1|alt=Matsuzaki Beef Sashimi on Rice|caption=Matsuzaka Beef Sashimi on Rice. The beef is dipped in sesame seed oil. . .damn tasty.]

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