Stone Dice Chopstick Holders

May 9, 2005

Today is the Monday after Golden Week. During Golden Week there are four public holidays within the span of a week and a half, this week the holidays fell on Friday, April 29th and then the following Tuesday through Thursday, a good number of folks take the Monday and Friday off also for a ten day break, but I went to work as I am in full austerity mode. Came into the office today and a colleague handed me a present from his vacation, dice shaped stone chopstick holders. Can't use them for gambling as they are loaded, but happy nonetheless.

The Sonics got torched by the Spurs in the NBA Playoffs AND lost Ray Allen and Vladimir Radamanovic, yet I stay happy thanks to the stone dice. With the Mariners playing horribly, I have no fall back for happiness during the summer months, I can only hope for the Sonics to stay in the playoffs as long as possible (though I should be used to the Mariners playing horribly, which is what they mostly did in the years that Lou Pinella was not around).

Next holiday, July 18th, viva las masas.
[img_assist|fid=52|thumb=1|alt=Stone Dice|caption=Stone Dice.]

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