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May 17, 2005

Just in the last week or so, I've had three of those "small world" experiences.

1. Worked relatively late at the office (until 2230) and did not feel like cooking, so I stopped by a curry joint in Hiroo on the way home. The waiter tried to sit me down between two smoking groups, so I gave him the evil eye and so he poointed me towards a seat in the corner of the restaurant. The table next to mine was occupied by a Japanese woman and a white guy with a shaved head. The guy was speaking perfect Japanese and I there was just something familiar about him.

After I sat down, I turned towards him and said,"excuse me, I think I've met you somewhere before."

"Your name?"


"O------, Daisuke? CJ dayo."

Chris Friedman, the last time I saw him was in elementary school, about twenty years ago. He was in the same grade as my brother, but my folks shipped me to his house whenever they were going to be out of town. When we were remodeling the house, we actually lived in his house for a summer.

2. I was sending mail to a former colleague from Amazon to ask him if he had run into T-dog's son at his new job (they both work for Apple). The guy just got mail from T-dog's son asking if he knew me. . .

3. Got mail from the gf yesterday telling me about a colleague of her's at work who used to go to Seisen International School (a girl's school, but their kindergarten is co-ed and I attended). Turns out, she was friends with my elder brother and I actually remember teaching at an summer English camp with both her and her sister, this was also about twenty years ago.

These meetings, they bring back memories from the past twenty-odd years, perhaps fate is getting me ready for my next step, whatever that may be.

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