June 1, 2005

I recently had the pleasure of being on the receiving end of a breakup notification from a member of the opposite sex. While it was one of the more confusing notices that I had received over the years (not to say that I have a large amount of confidence if I was on the delivering end). The confusion helped to numb any pain that I might have otherwise felt in the intial stages, and I feel as though I've transitioned pretty quickly from the intense pain stage to the dull and throbbing pain stage.

I would like to extend my gratitude to all my friends who sent me kind words over the last two days (solicited of course. . .part of the therapy is to emote). There were the usual, "keep you head up", "you'll get over it" type of comments, which I've never responded that well to, but still much appreciated. Then, the,"darn. . .she really did that, said that? You should be happy to get out (actually, the comment was more like, you should of dumped her first)," which was pretty therapeutic. And I particularly enjoyed this one,"How many times has this happened to you before? Well, then you should have the routine down by now, you'll get over it in a snap." There was a Canadian engineer friend of mine that thought it would be a great time to berate me. . .but, I guess there are all kinds of people out there, the actions of one asshole should not define my feelings toward a whole nation or profession.

Considering that it was an enjoyable albeit short relationship without any fights or confrontations in the duration, I have a pretty good feel about moving forward without looking back. The circumstances and the timing of the break up were a bit shocking, but we all need some spicing up in our lives don't we?

I wasn't planning on posting anything about the break up, but a colleague at work sent me these picts and I couldn't think of a better intro at the moment. Sometimes you get dumped, sometimes you get pulled down in. file1 file2 file3 file4 file5_0 file6 file7 file9

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