T-Dog in town

June 13, 2005

T-Dog was in town with his wife and his daugher, Mariah. We went out to dinner last night with my folks and a doctor and his wife visiting from the US. After eating too much chinese food across the street from the office, I walked home, T-dog and family were staying close by to my house, so we walked together part way, topics discussed included: being dominated by Hillary Clinton, how both Bush and Kerry sucked (but, how Bush sucked more), Howard Dean, Bill Clinton, how Wesley Clark would/should be an interesting candidate and etc.

Mariah's worked on Bill Clinton's campaign twice and also worked on Wesley Clark's campaign, so it was an interesting walk. Being dominated by Hillary Clinton should have been a graduation requirement for college. . .

[img_assist|fid=93|thumb=1|alt=Mariah, t-dog, mom and dad]
Capping off too much food with dessert

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