Pondering Privacy Pocilies

August 8, 2005
Pondering Privacy Pocilies Originally uploaded by angrydicemoose.

Wasn't sure how to frame this one correctly, but in the end I thought that there is a lesson to be learned in this, and the tuition is pretty cheap for most.

The screen shot below is not an example of how this page could look like this page and this page, yet manage to look god awfully ugly. After all, Livedoor Search does use the google search engine, so they probably found the beauty in the simplicity of allowing someone that is searching for something do just that without distracting that person and causing stress on the eyeballs.

Instead, this is about the hardest lesson that I have not quite learned yet. That is checking and double checking, I've been throwing up stuff onto the web for mass consumption long enough that, I've had enough lessons on making sure that proof and quality assurance are done correctly by the right people, with the right information at the right time. I'll admit I've launched somethings with non-mission critical bugs, some that required immediate fixes and others that didn't need immediate attention. I've even launched a whole platform with bugs that made a Product Manager look. . .scary. But, that's a lesson also why not to launch something under a tight deadline with next to no resources.

This one. . .is about. . .well, Livedoor launched this sight on the 5th of August, it is the 8th of August now and the link at the bottom middle of their page still says "Privacy Pocily" (instead of Privacy Policy of course) in Japanese.

When something is this simple, it makes getting it done just right that much more important. Every small gain or loss can be momentous, as perception plays a lot into why a customer might choose one site over a different site that much serve the same thing. Considering this is a search top page, it is going to be pretty darn visible to a lot of folks on the Internet.

With a page this simple, it shouldn't have taken that much time to proof it, and re-proof it, and then re-re-proof it. While some people (I admit, myself included) found this funny, there was a pretty large part of me, that saw this as a clear sign of the fact that you can never be sure enough. Message to self, check, double check, and if you have more time, check again. . .and always make sure that others do the same for you.

Except for blogging of course, speed and sloppiness counts there.

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