It's a Rainy Day

September 12, 2005

Woke up this morning at 0830, and had a forty minute internal monologue, where I tried to figure out whether or not I should come to the office. Ended up riding up to the office for another day staring at the screen and trying out some end runs around General Stonewall Jackson who resides at the US branch of the company (unfortunately, things don't work out that well without blockers, but I really should not expand on analogies that don't make much sense anyway).

I woke up past noon on Saturday, to discover that I had double booked my afternoon, after trying this and that, I ended up cancelling on one and enjoying the other. It must have been a great weekend since I got to go see the remake of "Bewitched." Does finding Nicole Kidman attractive make me a bad person?

On Sunday I went to lunch with the guy I cancelled on Saturday with. We went to an eatery close to my house and had good All-American fare. I was introduced to a friend of the friend. Turns out that the guy was a radio disk jockey, so I decided to tell him I was a radio disk jockey in college for conversation's sake and then expand on that.

Me: "Yeah, this guy I DJed with in college went pro when he came back to Japan."
DJ: ”What's his name?”
Me: "Ochiai Kentaro"
DJ: "That's my brother!"

Well. . .adkfjaklj;ae? That makes the third time in the last two years that I've met someone who knew Kentaro. And then there are now about a few dozen people that I've met in the last few years that connect back to this network. Once again, more proof that there are only 147 people that inhabit this planet.

While we were eating an awesome thunderstorm started up and went on for about an hour or so.

I made my way home in the evening and got ready for the election results. This was thrust in my face. My words of wisdom to George W. Bush,"President Bush, THIS is what a mandate from the people looks like."

TOKYO, Japan (CNN) -- Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's ruling Liberal Democratic Party has won an overwhelming victory in Sunday's general election, according to Japanese media.</p>

Kyodo news agency reported early Monday that the LDP had won 296 of the 480 contested seats in a staggering triumph. That is the second-largest figure in the LDP's 50-year history.

Official results are to be announced later Monday for the hotly fought election, which saw voter turnout jump to 67.5 percent from 59.9 percent in the 2003 ballot.</strong>

Hopefully, we will see REAL reforms now, and politician around the country will understand that at least the majority of the country wants to see reforms instead of politics as usual. The longer we put this all off, the more pain we are going to feel.

I was hoping for a victory where the LDP (Liberal Democratic Party) pushed out the anti-reformist elements of their party and where the DPJ (Democratic Party of Japan) at least maintained their place in the Diet. Unfortunately, the DPJ lost 60+ seats and are down to 100 seats or so. So, in the end we did put all our eggs in one basket.

Oh and Matayashi Jesus got 1557 votes.

Now it's Monday, Bran Van 3000 is getting me through the morning.

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