November 4, 2005

I need the Internet to live. . .the last three jobs I've had (including my current one) wouldn't have existed without the Internet. I spend my off days either wandering aimlessly about the streets on foot or on my bicycle or wandering the net on the PB v.III. Last night I came home after basketball and some fish to find my connection gone. I wasn't that disappointed because shit just happens sometimes and I figured it would be all good when I got up. The morning came and my connection to the net was still down, I called up my ISP and the help center folks (who were extremely helpful, and I don't just say that because my ISP is Yahoo BB) tried to help me up but then went to their fallback of promising to send me a new modem. I was ready for the worst and thought about reading a book or two, but then the modem gave a click and came back on. It was good for a couple of hours and then went back off and the connection has been pretty unstable since. The digital divide, I suppose some of us only feel it because we are on the side of the divide from where there are still things to take away.

I'm just happy that I was able to stay online long enough not only to blog this. . .but to find out that the Sonics had lost their opening game to the Clippers for the second time in a row.

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