Updated angrymoose.org

March 3, 2006

I'm a bad, bad person, and about half a year ago, I really messed up when I was updating angrymoose.org. As a result there were some weird error messages popping up in the adming pages. The messages were being created a couple times a minute, so the DB was getting. . .HUGE.

Updated angrymoose.org


originally uploaded by angrydicemoose.

Sometimes this enormous DB would just cause angrymoose.org to shut down, so I would have toclear all the logs. angrymoose.org was previously based on drupal and there were some TEN BAZILLION options I could edit with that, and all I wanted was a blog for the angrymoose out there, so I have migrated to wordpress. I have succeeded in getting the blog posts and the users migrated. The comments and categories are in the DB but are not working as of, yet. . .but they are there. . .somewhere. The new stuff should be fun to work with. Extra points for blogging from flickr. . .PLEASE?


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