The Ceremony

March 28, 2006

The Ceremony
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Almost like an afterthought, the former Evangelist and I were reminded by the prez of SixApart JP about what the stakes were for me joining the company. The prize was a 2GB iPod Nano engraved with the SixApart logo. Seki-san came up the hill (we are in the middle of an office move) to award the prize. Once again proof that everyone. . .has a price.

忘れた頃に思い出した、自分がSixApartに入る事に何がかかっていたのか。関さんが元エバンジェリストに勧誘の豪華賞品を贈呈した。その賞品とは シックスアパート社のロゴが刻み込まれていた新しい2GB iPod Nano。この世の中で買えないものも人も無いって事でしょう。

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