Weekend blues

April 30, 2006

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The weekend started on Friday, after a half day's work, we had a security seminar then a company event. My tooth started aching around noon, but I kind of figured it would go away (though Mr. Goodpics told me that I should rush the the dentist, he was right). By evening the throbbing was pretty bad, so with advice from all sorts of people, I first rubbed some "level russia" medicine onto my tooth. . .this smelled pretty bad and people around me gave me a funny look. I then bought some pain medication and the pain went away.


I got home around midnight and when I woke up the next morning, the pain was pretty bad, but it went away with some pain medication. With my broadband acting up at home, I had. . .bigger problems or so I thought. I went to get a massage at midnight and the pain was getting worse but was still manageable, so I went home and finally fell asleep at 6am, only to wake up at 9am with shooting pain in the back left of my mouth. I tried sipping some cold tea and the pain immediately subsided, so I spent the next hour or two nursing a two liter bottle of cold tea. . .and then I refilled the bottle with water and continuing to drinking the stuff, until I realized that I could just gurgle with it.

It got so bad, that I tried calling up my cousin who is a dentist and his wife referred me to the emergency dentist that the local ward office had on Sundays. I went there (see the pict) and got shot up filled with novacaine to the point that the pain went away and I made a mistake and thought that pain was coming from a different tooth. After leaving the dentist with pain medication and a freshly removed filling, I went to my folks’ place to greet them and get some antibiotics from my father. I grabbed a cab home, but the pain didn’t subside for the next two hours.

At that point I tried feeling around with my finger and found that a different tooth was killing me. Calling my folks up again, they called their dentist who happened to be in the office and my mother drove me to the dentist. The dentist shot me up with novacaine in various places to locate the pain and found the same tooth that I found fishy. he opened it up and found a fracture in the tooth, he probed the fracture and found it reached right to the nerve, so he went straight to the root canal. The pain from novacaine straight to the nerve was pretty bad, and the electric shocks to kill the remaining alive nerves was pretty bad, but after the last shock, most of the pain was gone. Though heavily drugged up. . .most of the pain is gone, I had the second root canal of my life, the pain of the root canal is pleasure compared to what leads up to it and I have a return engagement with the dentist tomorrow.



薬を飲んでも痛みがますばかりだから、親の歯科医に連絡をとる。運がよく日曜日なのに診療所で仕事していたので母にお願いして歯科医に行く。今回は自分で痛いところを確かめたので伝えて、じっくりと検査される。 麻酔を部分的にうっていき、痛みがどこから来るかを特定された。一番奥の歯から詰め物を取り、中を見たらヒビが入っていたらしい。そのヒビを削ったらヒビが神経まで到達していて、神経もほとんどしにかけていた。

そこで歯根管治療.、神経を抜く手術へ直行。神経に直接麻酔を打ち込まれて気絶しそうになり、さらに神経に電気を流して殺すところで変な音を発してしまう。最後のショックが終わった時点でほとんどの痛みが消えていた。これで神経を抜くのは人生で2回目. . .これがまた快楽である。明日フォローアップのために予約している。

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