Shiba Prefecture

May 7, 2006

Went to TAC for brunch with Yu-Ching, while I was hoping for French Toast, it was too late, so we ended up going to the mixed grille where I got some spicy cream penne.  After that we strolled over to a nearby pet store where I seriously contemplated picking up a black female Shiba.  I decided that I should give it more thought, so I ended up picking up a couple of books about Shiba's.  Very, very tempting, the dog that was at the store was just so, darn. . .adorable.

ユーチンとご飯食べにTACに行った、フレンチトーストを期待していたが、時間が遅かったから、Mixed Grilleにおりていきペンネを食べた。その後、近くのペット屋さんで黒い女の子の柴犬に恋に落ち、飼いそうになるが、近くの本屋さんで柴犬の本を購入してじっくり考える事にする。しかし、あの犬は可愛すぎた。

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