May 14, 2006

Had more work done on my recently root canalled tooth (looks like I'm losing more and more nerves as I get older), after that I went out to Chiba with my mother to go visit a Shiba (dog) breeder.  The weather was "bad" as in it was raining, but of course I love rain, so I enjoyed the parts of the ride where I wasn't napping.  The stretch of the expressway beyond Narita Airport was just gorgeous with an amazing palette of greens and purples.  The breeder had one puppy left that wasn't claimed, and it was cute enough, but since I'm in no rush I decided to pass for now.  There was a three month old Akita there that was already bigger than a full grown Shiba.  Got another LCD screen at Biccamera for my old desktop and installed Windows Vista on it (thank you former evangelist). . .yup, sounds like a Saturday.  Anyone have any friends looking to give away Shiba pups?

この前神経抜かれた歯の治療のためにまた歯医者に行く(.  . .doesn't quite work in Japanese)、そしてその後母とともに千葉県の奥の方まで柴犬のブリーダーへ向かった。雨も結構降っていたので気分もウキウキ、東関東自動車道で成田空港過ぎるあたりから緑と紫が非常にきれいで楽しくなる。ブリーダーにはまだ飼い主が決まっていない赤い柴犬の子がいたけど、今回はパス。秋田犬の子犬もいた、3ヶ月なのに柴犬の大人よりも大きかった。東京に戻ったら、ビックカメラでLCDのディスプレイを古いデスクトップ用に購入して、ウィンドウズビスタをインストール、こういう日も良いものだ。柴犬の子犬の飼い主募集中の人いますか?

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